SEO Web Content Writing

SEO Web content writing

Today, almost everyone has a website to sell their products or services. Still, without a solid content strategy or worse without SEO web writing, it is difficult to get traffic and therefore have visibility.

And yet, who hasn’t typed their keywords into the Google search bar to find a service provider? Who hasn’t purchased a product online? As you should know, natural referencing is the key to obtaining new customers. For this, you need to have referenced content to optimize your website effectively.

Writing SEO content for more visibility

In an increasingly connected society, most buyers consult online by typing their keywords in the search bar. Without SEO optimization, your website is lost in the crowd. In this case, your potential customer will click on the first links, those of your main competitors. So what to do?

Quality and optimized content

The content of your website must not only be of high quality but must also be optimized for search engines and for your organic referencing. This will make it easier for the customer to find you.‍

Each page should have a captivating title with content related to what you are advertising. Your content must be unique with targeted keywords for optimization and have a sufficiently developed semantic field. Be careful, never copy and paste (= plagiarism) otherwise, your site will only be penalized in its reference, and will therefore be downgraded. 

Other elements in the editorial part must be taken into accounts, such as the internal network and the importance of HN tags, for example. But the SEO does not stop there, It is a whole set of techniques implemented to boost your SEO according to 3 major factors:

  • The editorial content of your website (on-page optimization)
  • External links are also called Net linking (off-page optimization)
  • User experience (UX)

Content writing is a big part of it, which is why it should not be neglected. Adopting SEO friendly when creating your site, according to the SERPs criteria, is a winning strategy in the long term. Thus, writing SEO web content allows you to gain quality traffic, and therefore more prospects interested in what you offer.

Boost your natural referencing with SEO-optimized blog articles

To have an optimized website, it is strongly recommended having a blog with articles posted on your site. Articles where your customers can interact and that will answer their problems.

In addition, having a blog gives you several non-negligible advantages for natural referencing, and therefore makes you love search engines. In addition, producing SEO-quality content within your blog will give you some authority in your industry. You will become an expert in your field by producing relevant content for your audience.

You should also know that blog articles are very often shared on social networks, as well as your website will gain greatly in terms of traffic and notoriety. This is why it is essential to integrate a blog into your website.

Optimizing your landing page: a matter of content

When you arrive at a website, the first thing your customer will see is your landing or destination page (also called the Landing page), i.e. the page where your prospects will be redirected after clicking on a link or an announcement. This may be different from your home page.

Gone are the days when you clicked on a link to land on the home page of the website and where you then had to search for your product. Not today, the landing page can significantly reduce the bounce rate (ie the fact that a visitor leaves the site). This page is important for several reasons because it must:

  • Be clear and easy to scan visually
  • Be targeted and relevant to inspire
  • Increase your conversion rates with a call to action

With just one click, your visitor should understand who you are and what you offer them. Thus, the landing page must have an optimized design (responsive and quick to download) with a well-thought-out customer experience. But above all content that will inspire action now such as:

  • Buy a product
  • Subscribe to a newsletter
  • Download a pdf or white paper
  • Get in touch with you

The goal of your landing page is to generate traffic and sales. But you won’t sell if you don’t get traffic! And the more your landing page has strategic keywords, for Google Ads, for example, the more Google will give you visibility. In this case, you will be on the front line and pay less for the number of clicks.

In summary, the content strategy must be at the heart of your communication. Having a website with quality SEO-optimized content is like having a store in the busiest mall. Because there is a good chance that the prospect who clicks on your site will contact you. Why? Because you have responded to his research and therefore to his needs. Needs that we will have identified, thanks to SEO!

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