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Email marketing is effective and profitable!

Welcome to our email marketing copywriting service! Are you tired of sending boring, uninspiring emails that seem to get lost in the sea of digital messages?

Do you want to send out emails that will get your audience’s attention and encourage them to take action? Look no further, because our expert copywriters have you covered. With years of experience crafting emails, we know what it takes to engage with your audience.

We will write emails to promote a new product, raise awareness of a brand, or talk to people who have signed up for a website newsletter. So why choose us? For starters, we take the time to understand your business and your target audience.

This means that every email we write will fit your needs. This makes sure that your message gets to the right people at the right time. And when it comes to results, we’ve got a proven track record of success. Our emails deliver strong open and click-through rates, helping you build a loyal following and drive conversions.

We ensure that your emails’ content is top-notch, with clear, persuasive writing that inspires your audience to take action. Whether you want to promote a sale, encourage sign-ups, or drive traffic to your website, we’ll craft emails that get the job done.

And because we know that time is of the essence, we offer fast turnaround times and flexible packages to meet your needs. So no matter how busy your schedule is, you can trust that we’ll deliver the high-quality email copy you need when you need it.

Approximately 333 billion emails are received and sent worldwide every day. For companies, e-mail has become an essential digital marketing tool. We explain why it is so important to make it a place of choice in your overall digital strategy.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing, also called “e-mailing,” is when personalized electronic messages are sent to a customer base or group of customers. The goal is to generate leads, retain existing customers, raise awareness of your business, generate interest in your products and services, and, of course, increase sales.

Benefits of email marketing

Excellent return on investment

It is the marketing tool that offers the best return on investment. You don’t need to resort to expensive techniques to be successful. You have to know how to use the right tools and speak the right language. It is also necessary—and this is very important—to think of a strategy so that there is consistency between the emails sent and other visibility actions put forward, whether on social networks or in conventional media. At Bob Hubner Copywriting, we know how to make email marketing campaigns that are effective and relevant.

Direct communication channel

Email marketing allows you to maintain a direct link with your customers. The goal is not to bombard customers with irrelevant messages, but to build a long-term relationship… from your outbox to their inbox!

Customize mailings

    Emailing makes it possible to divide customers into groups and send personalized messages to each group. Depending on the tool used, it is possible, for example, to add the customer’s name, city, or order history. It’s the little things that help improve and strengthen your relationship with the customer and make everyone feel valued and appreciated.

    Increase sales

    E-mail can be used to send information about an upcoming event, but it can also be used to promote current offers and products. Since the people you’re emailing gave you their email addresses on their own, you can assume they’re already interested in your brand. Email marketing encourages people to link to online stores and helps make more sales. This is called the conversion rate.

    Quantifiable results

    The effectiveness of email marketing campaigns can be measured in several ways:

    • A number of Internet users who opened the email ( opening rate ). A rate of 30% is a very good result.
    • The number of people who clicked on a hyperlink ( click-through rate ). A rate of 15% is considered excellent.
    • The conversion rate: a purchase, a phone call, the downloading of a document, a subscription to your newsletter, the sending of a message, etc. 

    E-mail marketing also gives you valuable information about your customer’s habits and preferences, which you can use to better target future campaigns and increase their loyalty.  

    Notoriety boost

    Email marketing helps draw attention to your business and, at the same time, builds brand awareness.

    Good practices

    An effective email marketing campaign relies first and foremost on relevant content. This can be an opportunity to share important news about your company, send out an invitation to an event, launch a contest, or present current offers and promotions.

    The ideal publishing pace varies by industry and the content to be shared. Most importantly, you have to be relevant.

        Need a hand?

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