Sales and Mailing Pages

Sales and Mailing Pages

A sales page that converts is like having gold in your hands! You have a mailing list, therefore a base of potential customers ready to buy your fantastic amazing mega awesome product. Great! and then?

Once your mailing has been sent, nothing more happens! Worse, they don’t even click to find out more. I understand! Especially after all the energy you put into it. All this for that: an email that will probably end up in the trash, without anyone remembering it. You know, a bit like when we went to get our mail and systematically threw away those advertising leaflets.

So how do you make your prospects want to buy? Even better: buy now!

Copywriting to build an irresistible offer

To write a successful sales page, you must first define your target. And above all understand their problem. Because let’s be clear, if they don’t have a problem, they won’t buy. In other words, your offer must therefore meet their needs and for that, it is essential to clearly define your marketing personas. Or, your type of customer: the one who will buy your product or service. Here is a list of questions to ask yourself:

Who is your ideal persona? their age, family situation, consumption habits, etc.
How does it work? Where does he buy it?
What are its problems? What are his barriers to buying?

Once the information has been collected, you will need to analyze it. Dissect them and understand how your offer could serve him? How could she improve her daily life?

The copywriting will be there to accompany him in his thinking about buying, to reassure him by lifting the brakes to finally convince him to take action.

Without this method, it is unlikely that your prospect will want to test your offer. Because it is not enough to highlight the benefits of a product or service to sell. It’s more complex than that: psychology and empathy play a crucial role. By working together, I will help you choose the right arguments. Once reassured, your future client will want to know more, and it is at this moment that you will have to play your best card to then offer him the solution. And not just any: yours.

Marketing storytelling to double your sales

When you write a sales page, you sometimes forget that you have to humanize it to the detriment of the product. That is to say, to make it warmer, and more authentic. And for that, telling a good story, that your prospects will be able to identify, is the key to making you stand out.

In short, your sales page must bring out emotions so that your prospect reads it to the end. More than the choice of words, it is the storytelling that will make the difference.

Like a well-crafted scenario, your sales page must be romanticized through an effective communication strategy. Add, for example, a character who will live through 3 important stages:

An initial state
A conflict (the disruptive element that will turn everything upside down)
A resolution (the awareness that will lead to the solution)

These 3 steps will allow your customer to better understand why you are talking to him about a particular product. He will see a real interest in it and will want to know more. Because he too has had this type of experience, knowing how this character managed to put an end to his problem, interests him. Really interested!

If you are selling online training, a product, or a service, these 3 steps are essential to explain to your future client how this offer will change his life. This can save him time, and money, and help him in his approach…

In short, you have to explain to him why this offer has a major advantage compared to the dozens of other offers he may have received.

With well-thought-out storytelling, your prospect will feel understood, less alone, and above all will see a solution to their problem.